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Above 148 MHz,below 144 MHz Oct 21st 2014, 19:59 4 12,085 on 30/10/14

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Above 148 MHz,below 144 MHz Nater27 on 30/10/14
Thanks Dan,WA9WVX. This is exactly what I was wanting to know.I appreciate the opportunity to learn.I forgot the U.S Frequency Allocation chart explains it all.Thanks all

Above 148 MHz,below 144 MHz Nater27 on 21/10/14
I've been wondering,in certain bands,such as the 2 meter band,the band plan is from 144.000 MHz to 148.000 MHz,my question is,what are the the Frequencies above 148 MHz and below 144 MHz used for then within the 2 meter band allocation?Such as 136 MHz-143.900 MHz and 148 MHz-175 MHz

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