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Satellite Orbits

Mar 25th 2013, 15:21


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A group I'm with will be participating in the June Field Day this year. One thing we've discussed would be doing a demonstration on Satellite Communications.

Most of the software I've seen gives estimates of orbits only a few days in advance, which isn't much time to plan. Does anyone know of a method of obtaining at least an estimate of a specific satellite orbit in advance - more than a few days - perhaps a month or more.

I realize that the details may be estimates only, but that would be better than nothing. If I had at least an idea that a specific satellite would be in the "neighborhood" around a specific time, we could plan and then tune our efforts as we get closer.
Mar 26th 2013, 12:54


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Nova has something they call "script tracking" in which you can set a start date, duration, and other parameters, such as minimum elevation, and then get a listing of orbits that meet those parameters.
This is an old program that may not run on new machines, but you can set an arbitrary date and get several days of predictions.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

Mar 26th 2013, 13:53


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Thanks for the information! I'll take a look at both.
Aug 28th 2015, 13:39


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I was just looking at this the other day. Hope this helps.

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