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ARRL's Low Power Communication

Just a Little RF Power Goes a Long Way!

ARRL’s Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. With only 5 W or less–sometimes much less–you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles.

BONUS! Includes the complete assembly manual for the MFJ Cub Transceiver Kit (sold separately). Build this tiny high-performance radio in just a few hours and get countless hours of enjoyment working the world with QRP!

Product Details

  • Contents

    Tips to Get You Started the Right Way
    An introduction to QRP operating, FAQs for newbies and tips that even experienced amateurs will appreciate.

    Equipment and Station Accessories
    Off-the-shelf commercial gear, kit building and homebrew, including an all-new homebrew photo gallery.

    Antennas for QRP – Updated and Expanded!
    Wire beams, loops, dipoles, portable antennas and a look at the author’s new stealth antenna design.

    Operating Strategies
    Contesting, awards and advanced techniques for becoming a successful QRP operator.

    Emergency Communication
    Training, planning and other factors for utilizing low-power gear during an emergency.

    HF Propagation for the QPRer

    NEW! An authoritative look at likely propagation conditions for Solar Cycle 24.

    Plus, QRP calling frequencies, manufacturers…and much more!

  • Foreword

    QRP operation has always been a part of Amateur Radio. For some of us, our first transmitters were single-tube oscillators putting out less than 5 watts. We were operating QRP and didn’t even know it! To some today, QRP operation brings to mind a weak signal that is hardly audible above the noise. This vision of QRP soon vanishes once it is tried. You’ll quickly be surprised! I have had many solid QSOs at QRP levels where the most difficult thing was convincing the operator at the other end that I was running QRP power. Turn your output power down to 5 watts and judge for yourself. 


    The past two decades have seen a tremendous growth in QRP. This aspect of our hobby has become multifaceted. We started out as people using simple homebrew rigs on CW only. Along the way, QRP spawned a renewal in homebrewing; a kit industry supplying all manner of transceivers and station accessories; and, in recent years, a line of commercially manufactured QRP products from major manufacturers.  


    With more QRP equipment available, QRP is now a multimode experience, on not only SSB, but RTTY and PSK31. Digital modes like WSPR and JT65-HF have been developed that make operation in the milliwatt levels routine. QRP also makes it easy to “take it with you.” A small corner of your baggage on the next business trip can easily hold a QRP rig and wire antenna. Instead of perusing the cable TV channels, you can work DX or a local QRP contest.


    All of this growth in QRP has been driven by the fact that it is simply fun! A number of veteran hams have credited QRP with rejuvenating their interest in amateur radio. 


    Rich Arland, K7SZ, deserves some credit for this growth in QRP. His publications are a mainstay of QRP information and have been the genesis for many QRP experiences. This latest edition of Low Power Communication will provide you with relevant QRP information on all the aspects I have mentioned. Whether you are a veteran ham or novice, this book will be a useful addition to your QRP resources. 


    I hope you enjoy your QRP experiences. Perhaps they will lead to a future QSO between us.


    Ken Evans, W4DU

    President — QRP Amateur radio Club International

    December 2011

  • Publication Details

    ARRL Order No. 5828

    Softcover: 312 pages
    Publisher: The American Radio Relay League, Inc.; Fourth Edition/First Printing (April 2012)
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0-87259-582-8
    Product Dimensions: 7 1/4 x 9 inches
    Shipping Weight: 1.15 pounds

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